Weekly Update 04 Jul 2021 - Chased by Coast Guard Helicopter, Spoke with Daniel Gross and more


What are you building, in a sentence?

Carbon free computing on solar powered boats

What did you accomplish this week? Did you do everything you planned?



  • incorporated daniel gross feedback into our landing, restructured website and changed content
  • added amplitude and fixed all UI bugs
  • reached out to #1 hunter for product hunt launch
  • all hands (3 ppl) to brainstorming about producthunt launch
  • ondeck people excited but we applied to late for Climate Tech Fellowship
  • spoke with 1 founder cloud GPU computing startup


  • rescued boat from beach and hide it in the bushes
  • found long term solution for testing logistic: renting camping near to beach and stay there overinght
  • new mechanical design on how to make electronics robust to high waves! keep electornics in buoy outside the boat. more on this soon..
  • setup and installed internet router with big antennas, this is for long range missions in the sea
  • new custom simcard that works with all internet providers
  • got new phone after previous one stolen
  • 3d printed and fixed all structural damage from coast guard chasing

What do you want to have done by the end of next week?

  1. boat set up working with new router and new sim
  2. buy tent and camping gear
  3. stay overnight at the beach with boat
  4. test boat position stability in the sea
  5. test boat range in the sea
  6. android app inclinomtere
  7. android app photos and videos
  8. get inflating baloon and try to make cable enter and test if waterproof
  9. set up swimming pool to test inflating baloon for electronics


  1. reach out to more product hunt hunters