Weekly Update 18 Jul 2021 - WIPJuly 04, 2021

- wrote post on reddit followig up reddit post commenting on all questios sim card wrote email to graham

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Weekly Update 04 Jul 2021 - Chased by Coast Guard Helicopter, Spoke with Daniel Gross and moreJuly 04, 2021

- What are you building, in a sentence? Carbon free computing on solar powered boats What did you accomplish this week? Did you do everything you planned? Videos Youtube Video - Helicopter Chasing Self Driving Boat With Dog Youtube Video - Daniel Gross Roasts My Startup a Second Time! 4 Twitch Live Streams Product incorporated daniel gross feedback into our landing, restructured website and…

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Weekly Update 11 Jul 2021 - New Silicon Ball DesignJuly 04, 2021

- One of the most useful feedback we got from last week was from a pioneer that told us your updates should not be a shopping list, should be what is the most important thing you got done this week in 200 characters. Really true! We are gonna keep a 200 words self-contained upate and a long update where will write as much as we want. SHORT PIONEER What did you accomplish this week? Did you do…

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